In accordance with the beautiful Japanese season, The time of bliss that crafts bring forth. We will introduce Japanese masterpieces of masterpieces. We introduce the masterpieces of Japanese craftsmen.


July 4(Thu) - 9(Tue)

Red velvet

Coin accessories[Red velvet Tokyo]

The coins are carved with a jigsaw to create accessories.

July 18(Thu) - 23(Tue)

Studio Persimmon

Silver accessories[Studio Persimmon Tokyo]

I make accessories using pearls, natural stones, glass, and silver.

July 25(Thu) - 30(Tue)

Silver Kiso

Silver art jewelry event[Silver Kiso Kanagawa]

All one-of-a-kind original art jewelry using pure silver. A pure silver crochet made by knitting ultra-fine pure silver wire with a crochet like lace. Please enjoy the unparalleled skill and beauty of Rocher.

August 1(Thu) - 6(Tue)


Flower characters[Shoun Tokyo]

Flower characters are drawn by combining only auspicious patterns such as dragons, phoenixes, carps, and plums to draw letters and names. Due to its auspicious design, it is said to bring good fortune and is highly appreciated, and is displayed to wish for a bright future such as good luck, long life, and prosperous business. We will turn your requested letters into colored paper on the spot in 10 to 20 minutes.

August 1(Thu) - 6(Tue)

Kunitachi jiyu kobo

pottery[Kunitachi jiyu kobo Tokyo]

Using Karatsu clay, we make simple and easy-to-use vessels as well as lucky animals and zodiac signs that bring good fortune.

August 8 (Thu) - 13 (Tue)


Natural stone accessories event[ICCO Kanagawa]

One-of-a-kind accessories handcrafted from carefully selected natural stones. We can change bracelets and necklace thread. Please find your own dish from the selected shine.

August 15 (Thu) - 20 (Tue)


Wood carving/lacquer crafts[Isshindo Fukushima]

I offer creative lacquerware that can be easily used in today's daily life. Please enjoy the warmth, richness, and flavor of this vessel.

August 22(Thu) - 27(Tue)

Faro vario

Indigo-dyed wear and accessories[Faro vario Tokyo]

It is an original work that is carefully dyed one by one with a focus on the material. Please enjoy stress-free indigo dyeing that is gentle on your body and mind.

About shop

You can see the craftsmen's face

We were able to meet many craftsmen with a wonderful spirit and sincere heart. Relationship with truly reliable things brings peaceful and happy feelings to people's minds. We hope to be able to become a bridge of making the right thing and the pleasant life of the customer by finding gems born from making sincere products and delivering it to our customers.



In our shop, we are introducing the gem that we saw with faithfully selected gems that they have made sincerely.

In the old days, there was a way of thinking that We are grateful to the feelings of the partner in the thing. Although the lifestyle of mass production and mass consumption has been established for a long time now, should such a life be reexamined now?Than a disposable one, you can always use it for a long time with attachment.It is not instant, the body is pleased, delicious food can be eaten with confidence. We are introducing the gems filled with such feelings of producers.

About shop


5-9-21-L1, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

business hours

11:00~19:00 Closed on Wednesday

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Handling Products

Wooden Bag

It is a wooden bag made from cedar wood in Umaji village famous for citron.


There are popular sakura-goromo, indigo dye, and calico printing.


There are Sado island's Mumyoi pottery and oborisoma ware.

Persimmon juice bedding

It is the most popular bedding of persimmon juice dyed for summer's sleep.

Nail clippers

It is a nipper type nail clipper from a factory of Tsubame-sanjo famous for hardware.

Workshop information


Delivery is accepted at domestic delivery only at store checkouts.You can also order from the http://www.takuminohako.com. Please contact us for overseas shipment.

Yes. At our shop, we offer tax free to customers who come from overseas and purchase 5,000 yen or more. Please be sure to bring your passport.

Yes. You can pay by credit card.




Our shop is within the elevated under 2k540.

Street address

5-9-21-L1, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

In case of train

Yamanote line「Okachimachi sta.」:About 5 minutes on foot
Ginza line「Suehiro-cho sta.」:About 5 minutes on foot