In accordance with the beautiful Japanese season, The time of bliss that crafts bring forth. We will introduce Japanese masterpieces of masterpieces. We introduce the masterpieces of Japanese craftsmen.


Kato cloisonne ware

Original cloisonne ware accessories event[Kato cloisonne ware Aichi]

We introduce all original one-point original Cloisonne accessories, which are made from thought out from each design individually. Tomio Kato is the third generation. Kiyoshiichi Kato is the founder of the Shotai cloisonne, whose works are also displayed in the Imperial Household Agency and the Louvre Museum.

Kajita ivory

edo-ivory event[Kajita ivory Tokyo]

Edo ivory is traditional craft of Tokyo. Natural color unique to ivory and smooth texture are attractive. Please enjoy the ivory accessories that the Edo craftsman makes with handmade one by one. You can also see the demonstration during the period.

Ishiori shop

Bushu indigo dye event[Ishiori shop Saitama]

We would like to spread Busyu Indigo dye to many people as the origin of indigo dye. We would like to provide knowledge and problem solving concerning indigo dye for people who do not know indigo dye at all or to whom you like.


Aizu-glass lacquerware event[Senfuji Fukushima]

In 1590, Aizu lacquerware built the foundation by Mr.Gamo Ujisato. Then Hoshina Masayuki pouring special power, was born. Using this traditional technique as the material of the glass craft that was brought to the West, we created a glass lacquer coating that can be said to be a harmony of "Japanese style" and "western style".

April 26 (Thu) - May 7 (Mon)

Persimmon juice House Mimasa

Persimmon juice dyed bedding event[Persimmon juice House Mimasa Kyoto]

Persimmon juice is a traditional Japanese paint / dye that fermented the astringent juice and aged for a long time. It has been used for various purposes due to the wisdom of people's lives since ancient times and is closely related to daily life.

August 16 (Thu) - 21 (Tue)

Sato Midori

Glass bead making event and making workshop[Sato Midori Chiba]

Why do not you try making yourself a Glass bead that shows various colors in the glass?Midori Sato can also make it by order made. [Price]
3,780Yen/1 piece
6,480Yen/2 pieces
8,640Yen/3 pieces
10,800Yen/4 pieces
12,960Yen/5 pieces
[Date] August 16 (Thu) - 21 (Tue)
[Workshop start]Please make a reservation at any time from 12: 00 - 17: 00.

About shop

You can see the craftsmen's face

We were able to meet many craftsmen with a wonderful spirit and sincere heart. Relationship with truly reliable things brings peaceful and happy feelings to people's minds. We hope to be able to become a bridge of making the right thing and the pleasant life of the customer by finding gems born from making sincere products and delivering it to our customers.



In our shop, we are introducing the gem that we saw with faithfully selected gems that they have made sincerely.

In the old days, there was a way of thinking that We are grateful to the feelings of the partner in the thing. Although the lifestyle of mass production and mass consumption has been established for a long time now, should such a life be reexamined now?Than a disposable one, you can always use it for a long time with attachment.It is not instant, the body is pleased, delicious food can be eaten with confidence. We are introducing the gems filled with such feelings of producers.

About shop


5-9-10-G2, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

business hours

11:00~19:00 Closed on Wednesday

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Handling Products

Wooden Bag

It is a wooden bag made from cedar wood in Umaji village famous for citron.


There are popular sakura-goromo, indigo dye, and calico printing.

Glass items

There are various dishes of Edo-kiriko and heat-resistant glass.


There are Sado island's Mumyoi pottery and oborisoma ware.

Persimmon juice bedding

It is the most popular bedding of persimmon juice dyed for summer's sleep.

Nail clippers

It is a nipper type nail clipper from a factory of Tsubame-sanjo famous for hardware.

Workshop information


Delivery is accepted at domestic delivery only at store checkouts.You can also order from the http://www.takuminohako.com. Please contact us for overseas shipment.

Yes. You can pay by credit card.

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Our shop is within the elevated under 2k540.

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5-9-10-G2, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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